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Amniotic membrane transplant (AMT)


AMT is surgical reconstruction of the ocular surfaces involving transplantation of amniotic membrane. It is a still experimental procedure, sometimes recommended to patients with conjunctivochalasis.

AMT is not a treatment for dry eye.


Amniotic membrane has properties that are helpful in wound healing. Among other benefits it is thought to inhibit blood vessel growth in adjacent tissues, decrease cell death, reduce inflammation, and reduce scar tissue.

Amniotic membrane has been used to replace damaged ocular tissue or as a dressing on top of existing tissue. These surgeries are relatively new (first reported in the medical literature in 1998 by Tseng et al) and are considered experimental, therefore not covered by most insurers at present.


If you have had or are contemplating AMT, you may want to visit our community forums (Dry Eye Talk) where the Surgery forum has discussions amongst several patients who have had it done.

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