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Baby shampoo lid scrubs
what it means
  • A rather commonly prescribed treatment for blepharitis
  • Eyelids and lid margins are cleansed regularly with a Q-tip dipped in a solution of water and baby shampoo (or some variation on this theme).


Whoops, let me rephrase that. Please follow your doctor's advice, and if s/he says do it, then do it unless/until you agree on a possible alternative. On the other hand if you're perfectly happy doing lid scrubs and your eyes are doing great, that's great and you should ignore this page altogether.

We are relieved to hear that amongst eye doctors, baby shampoo is finally starting to fall into disfavor as a blepharitis treatment because it is simply too harsh for chronically dry, sensitive eyes. Also, unfortunately directions with respect to dilution seem to be all over the map and we hear now and then from patients who are applying undiluted shampoo to their eyelids. Not good.


Definitely discuss with your doctor. There are lid scrub products you can purchase (Ocusoft's is probably the most popular). There may be some limited benefit to cleansing your lids without any cleanser per se. Your editor simply wipes hers with a Q-tip dipped in Unisol (unpreserved saline). There is a new foam cleanser on the market called Sterilid which is being marketed as an alternative to baby shampoo.

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