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Dr. Holly's Drops
what they are

Dr. Frank Holly is a world class lacrimologist, now retired. Please see the Dry Eye Institute for more about Dr. Holly and his work.

In the last fifteen years or so Dr. Holly developed four revolutionary lubricant eye drops called Dwelle, Dakrina, NutraTear and Freshkote (originally called APL-105).

Some of these were commercially available in the 1990s but later went off the market when Dr. Holly retired. The drops were later "re-discovered" and popularized, mostly by LASIK patients scouring the internet for solutions to post LASIK dry eye. It was during this time that the drops came to be known as "Dr. Holly's Drops". Getting them back into commercial production was one of the tasks undertaken by The Dry Eye Company when first formed (read more about that here). Keeping these unique products available to the patients that need them remains part of our core mission.

where to get them now

FreshKote® is sold by Focus Laboratories (Little Rock, Arkansas) and is available on a prescription basis from most pharmacies. Please see for details or contact your eyecare professional.

Dwelle® is currently available in The Dry Eye Shop. Dakrina and NutraTear are temporarily out of production.

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