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EyeFeel Ophthalmic Warmer

A disposable device for application of heat therapy to the eye, suitable for people with meibomian gland dysfunction.

AVAILABILITY: Not generally marketed in the US but reportedly available from The Ocular Surface Center in Miami.


EyeFeel is a device made by a Japanese company called KAO Corp. It's sort of like an oversized teabag packaged in a foil wrapper. When you remove the wrapper, iron powder in the sachet oxidizes, heats up and you manually apply it to the eyes. Alternatively you may use an eye mask to hold it on.

We tried this out in late 2005 and were impressed with it as it generates quite a lot of heat and stays warm for quite some time. Benefits compared to other compress methods include not having the skin irritation associated with using the 'washcloth' compress method, and of course not being dependent on either a microwave or hot water.

We felt that this is a good product for people with chronic MGD. For those who like the long-lasting dry heat they get with a rice bag, this is an excellent portable option for office, travel, etc.


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Dry Eye FAQ: Lid therapy

ABSTRACT: Di Pascuale MA, Liu T-S, Trattler W, Tseng SCG. Lipid tear deficiency in persistent dry eye after LASIK and treatment results of a new eye warming device. J Cataract Refract Surg, in press, 2005.

LINK: FDA 501(k) summary

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