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Healthcare forums

This is a courtesy listing of links to healthcare forums covering a variety of disease and prevention topics which are directly or indirectly related to dry eye, for example disease topics where dry eye is a common side effect of either prescription medications or surgeries.

If you know of a forum that should be listed here, please email us and we'll check it out. Thanks for your help!

Name / link topic(s)
Acoustic Neuroma.
Bell's Palsy discussion center Bell's Palsy.
Blepharitis Support Forum Blepharitis.
Blepharospasm Bulletin Board Blepharospasm.
A large collection of healthcare forums with a new forum on dry eye. Just getting started (as of Aug 2007).
LASIK, PRK, etc.
Our in-house discussion forums devoted to anything and everything about dry eye.
Variety of chronic diseases including Crohn's, fibromyalgia and lupus.
Wide variety of topics, including an eyecare forum.
The Rosacea Forum Ocular rosacea.
Sjogren's World Sjogrens Syndrome.
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