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An ophthalmic lubricating ointment.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: White Petrolatum, Mineral Oil

PRESERVATIVE: Chlorobutanol

TYPICAL PRICING: $18.99 (0.25 oz)

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Lacrilube and similar products (such as Refresh PM, which is similar but does not contain a preservative) are over-the-counter ointments sometimes recommended for patients with severe eye dryness at night, particularly in the case of eyelid closure problems.

There are conflicting views on the use of ophthalmic ointments of this type. While some seem to find them an effective way to protect the eye surfaces, there are real concerns about the effect of petroleum based products on the eye surface, potential for poorer surface lubrication with long-term use, and buildup on lid margins & oil glands. Ointments are (we hope and believe!) in the process of falling out of favor as anything but a short-term remedy.

If you have a nighttime dry eye problem severe enough to warrant use of an ointment, please visit our page on protecting your eyes at night for some alternative strategies.

In particular we strongly recommend a quality eye covering at night, such as the innovative TranquilEyes goggle by Eye Eco, in conjunction with an effective lubricant that does not leave harmful buildup.


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