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Visine product family

Visine AC, Visine for Contacts, Visine LR, Visine Tears, Visine Advanced Relief, Visine Original, Visine Pure Tears Portables, Visine Pure Tears Single Drop Dispenser, Visine-A



ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Widely varying! We'll list only the products that might be acceptable for dry eye patients:

  • Visine Pure Tears Portables: glycerin 0.2%, hypromellose 0.2%, polyethylene glycol 400 1%
  • Visine Pure Tears Single Drop Dispenser glycerin 0.2%, hypromellose 0.2%, polyethylene glycol 400 1%
  • Visine for Contacts: Hypromellose and glycerin (concentrations not listed on Pfizer page).

PRESERVATIVES: BAK in all Visine products except Pure Tears Portables (which is unpreserved), Visine for Contacts, and Visine Pure Tears Single Drop Dispenser.

PRICING: $9.99 for 0.3 fl oz of Pure Tears (ref., Aug 2006).

WHAT DO PATIENTS THINK of Visine dry eye products? Visit our eye lubricants forums to discuss.


LOOK OUT! All Visines are not equal and this family of products is far too confusing for dry eye patients!

The Visine family, which started with the "get the red out" drop, has of late rapidly evolved into "there's a visine for that". There are now 9 products in the Visine family, each targeting one or more of the following uses:

- Temporary relief of redness
- Relief of allergy symptoms
- Relief of dry eye symptoms
- Contact lens lubrication

While the brand power is formidable, the variety of products under the same name makes for equally formidable confusion as well as (IMHO) dangers for the chronic dry eye patient unless they take time to inform themselves. Of those 9 Visine drops, six contain benzalkonium chloride (BAK) as preservative. IMHO, that means they should be avoided by people with chronic dry eye. It's one thing to take a prescription eyedrop with BAK if there is no acceptable alternative currently available, but there are always alternatives when it comes to over-the-counter drops. Some of the 6 are also objectionable for us dry eye patients on the basis of their active ingredients (redness relievers).

The six BAK-containing Visine products are:

  • Visine A.C.
  • Visine L.R.
  • Visine Tears
  • Visine Advanced Relief
  • Visine Original
  • Visine-A.

The following three Visine products do not contain BAK and therefore should be safer for use by dry eye patients:
  • Visine for Contacts
  • Visine Pure Tears Portables
  • Visine Pure Tears Single Drop Dispenser

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