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Whoops! The Dry Eye Zone is not looking quite its normal self. Unfortunately, due to a catastrophic series of errors recently by our hosting service, we lost a great deal of content (including the home page) and were only able to restore from a backup that was a few years old. I've created this TEMPORARY HOME PAGE until we can get things fixed up in better shape. So sorry for the inconvenience, terribly sorry for the outdated information on many of the restored pages at present, and most of all sorry for the SMALL PRINT, which I will fix as soon as I know how!

The Dry Eye Zone is an information center and community of people suffering from some kind of "dry eye", the convenient but misleading catch-all term under which a myriad of different eye and eyelid diseases, syndromes and symptom collections are lumped!

People with dry eye symptoms may experience a wide range of symptoms ranging from a searing, burning sensation to extreme light sensitivity to constant blurred vision. They may have symptoms connected specifically to disease or damage to one or more parts of their tear system - the lacrimal (tear producing) glands; the meibomian (oil-producing) glands; the blink (tear pumping and spreading) mechanism; their eyelid aperture; their canalicular (tear drainage) system; or a combination of these things; or for totally unknown causes. They may be able to trace the condition(s) to specific causes such as side effects from surgeries (LASIK, PRK, blepharoplasty, cataract surgery, corneal transplants, etc); cancer treatments; GvHD; Stevens Johnson Syndrome; systemic drugs; ocular drugs; auto-immune diseases like Sjogrens Syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis; hormonal changes; eyelid diseases or injuries; corneal diseases; nocturnal lagophthalmos; Bell's palsy; long term contact lens use; meibomian gland dysfunction; or any of a long list of other causes.

What unites us as a community are symptoms of eye discomfort which are severe enough to have a profound impact on daily functioning in such basic things as sleeping, reading, driving and working. Sound, comprehensive medical advice is surprisingly hard to come by for people with "dry eye" and practical advice for living with it even more so - hence the importance of a community where we can share information and hope.


till I can get my site running properly again:

In the Blink of an Eye: Please read this fabulous recent article by Bryn Nelson, exploring the world of ocular surface pain, why patients who have it are not getting the help they need, and what research is being done on it.

Dry Eye Talk is our community forum and a wonderful source of support, information and, most importantly, HOPE! Due to the recent IT issues we cannot immediately register new users (we expect to be able to start a gain by September 25) but come and browse and email us with your information so that we can register you as soon as we're able.

Dry Eye Shop is not just a shop, it's a big database of information on all kinds of products that have been helpful to dry eye patients over the years. Browse down-to-earth descriptions, Q&A and honest reviews of dry eye glasses, dry eye night protection devices, lid care products and more. A couple of my most favoritest products... Nereus, the new dry eye glasses for men, and Quartz, an old standby and still my favorite night dry eye protection device due to its simplicity and ease of use.

KeratoScoop is Rebecca's dry eye bulletin - a newsletter published somewhat erratically by email and covering a variety of topics from medical research to emerging consumer products. To subscribe, send an email to bulletin @ dryeyecompany with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

DEWS and DEWS II: If you're very technically minded, a wonderful source of information on dry eye is the 2007 Report of the International Dry Eye Workshop. The update to this report, DEWS II, is currently underway.

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The Dry Eye Zone home page The Dry Eye Zone home page
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